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صنابير بيتكوين سهلة

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أحسن وأسهل الصنابير على الإطلاق

# Name Time Amount ok
1 highpayingfaucet 60 Minutes 25 satoshi
2 agoodprofit 5 Minutes 32 satoshi
3 goldenfreesatoshi 300 Minutes 32 satoshi
4 Goodfaucet 300 Minutes 32 satoshi
5 u24PTCWall PTC Minutes 35 satoshi
6 u24Faucet 10 Minutes 5-100 satoshi
7 kikassTrafic Surf+PTC 10*x+55ptc satoshi
8 fautsy 5 Minutes 5 satoshi
9 DEGLATBTC 15Minutes 13 satoshi
10 nowbitcoin 10Minutes 20 satoshi+ptcwall


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The second  put your bitcoin adress and solve the captcha

 click on the antibots
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When you use our faucet, please observe the simple rules!

Do not use bots.

Do not create multiple accounts.

Do not use proxy or similar IP addresses, modify


If you violate the above rules, your bitcoin

address, and IP will be blocked!


  1. You enter your bitcoin wallet in the window (Your address :)
  2. Go through one of three (reCaptcha, SolveMedia, CoinHive).
  3. Solve the Antibot.
  4. Use and you get (Get reward!)

Your reward goes directly to the account of the payment system ( and depends on the profit from selling ads for bitcoin on our faucet.

We ask you to disable all blocking advertising programs. Advertising on our tap gives an opportunity to learn about new projects for earning bitcoin. The number of distribution satosh directly depends on the number of ads you watched!

You can find a referral link below the button (Get reward!) Under the advertisement (Reflink :)

Bitcoin Faucet.

Bitcoin faucet have become popular because this internet site allows any registered user on it to earn for themselves the crypto currency bitcoin at certain intervals.

More often than not, to earn any number of bitcoins, it's enough for the user simply to go to the necessary page on the site.

The truth sometimes it is still necessary to tinker as it is necessary to enter the drawn numbers from the picture (to guess because it is called captcha) or to perform some other kind of actions.

Bitcoin faucet - do not look like financial pyramids, as they earn the lion's share of capital from the advertising content posted on their portal (most often it's payment for the viewed material).

Most of the profits are distributed among registered visitors, but the remaining funds, given the high attendance of the site, represent a fairly good capital for the creators of such a bitcoach of the faucet.

Of course it will not be possible to get the whole bitcoin, but to earn a share of the crypto currency (which is called satoshi) is quite realistic.

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